Darryl Mattocks
Managing Director & Founder - Enistic

Company: Enistic

Title:Managing Director & Founder

Darryl is one of the pioneers of the internet and a serial entrepreneur in the sector. He founded the Internet Bookshop in 1992, the first commercial internet site in the UK and one of the first 5 commercial websites in the world. He grew it to become the largest online bookseller in Europe before selling it to WH Smith for £10m in 1998. He went on to found Travelstore, an online travel business travel management company, which he grew to a staff base of 270 and a turnover of £27m per annum. Since then he founded Bye Bye Standby, a business concentrating on delivering energy saving solutions into the home which sold over 1 million units and Enistic which develops systems that help organisations reduce their energy demand and comply with energy-related legislation.